The first story of Alice Jacobs.

This is a story about Alice Jacobs, I’ll tell you about her first so you get an idea of how she is. She’s 14 , with long blonde hair, she looks like a kid that wears to much make up but it still looks good, she has a woman’s body but its shorter than most. She’s never really had a great life once her parents split up her and her mom moved in with this guy, Tom who had a 16 year old brat of a son.

One day when her mom was at work and the son was at a friends house, Alice was singing while doing the dishes when Tom walked in. Alice thought he was all ready creepy because of the way he looks at her so she try’s to not pay atinchtoin as he walks up behind her and starts to kiss her neck. She try’s to push away he grabs her and holds her from behind saying .

“I’ve been watching you… I know you want me too.” She screams as he starts to laugh and holds her titer, he says very calmly “Shh, it will all be over soon.”

As he finishes Alice is laying there crying thinking “Why me? Why now?” she going up stars hurt and tired, she try’s to wash off but she never feels clean, never feels right, never feels pretty.

Tom knock’s on the door “If you tell any one I’ll kill you.” he says very clear.

But her and her mom move out the next week because Tom and her Mom get in to a really big fight, so they move to this really small town. Where Alice starts to go to church, She doesn’t believe in most of the things they tell her she says that she does believe in god just not the bible. She doesn’t hang out with the girls and there’s really only 2 people that talk to her and that’s Nate and Drew.

Nate is a total goody goody he’s tall, 18, with light brown hair, but even though him and Alice are so different they are best friends. Drew is 17 he’s tall, with long reddish blond hair, and the bluest eye’s he’s kinda the bad boy of the church don’t take this the wrong way he’s a total sweet heart but he smoke’s and drunks and get’s away with it all. Alice has a little crush on Drew and then after a year of knowing each other she find’s out that he has a crush on her too. So they start talking and hanging out and then one day Drew tells Alice he’s in love with her.

So the next time they hang out Drew starts to kiss her and she feel’s so safe in his arms and then she relies they’re at him home in his room with no parents and his brothers are gone too “did he plane this”she thinks. She starts to feel like somethings not right as Drew starts to unbutton her shirt she pulls away fast. “STOP!” she says “Is this all you want from me?…Sex?”

He look’s at her like she’s gone crazy “No, Alice I love you and if your not ready I’ll wait for you.”

She says “Its not that I’m not ready its just that… you no I don’t believe in love so why do you keep saying that and making me feel bad about this.”

“Because Alice,” he says like he might cry “I do love you I’m not sure why and I’m not sure how but I know its true. Your the one for me Alice and even if you never love me I will never stop loving you. If you just like me enough to stay with me I’ll be the luckiest guy in the world” then giving her the sweetest kiss making her want more but she knows she must stop so she doesn’t dare touch him anymore.

So they just lay there and as they are laying down Drew look’s up at the wall and says “You make me want to do things I know aren’t right. And I want to take from you what isn’t right for me to take. It’s not fair to you, but trust me it’s no more fair to me either.”

 Alice sits up and look’s died at Drew “You cant take what I don’t have anymore.”

“What do you mean? I thought you’ve never…” says Drew he look’s as if he got hit by a car.

 “i haven’t, well not willingly anyway…” she says as a tear rolls down her cheek.

 “Don’t tell me who it was. I’ll kill ’em I swear! How could someone hurt you like that, Oh god Alice I’m so sorry.” He grabs her, holds her in his arms and says “As long as your with me nothing bad will ever happen to you I promise I will never hurt you, And if I do I wont be able to live with myself knowing I put you through any pain.”

 Alice looks up at Drew in to his eye’s and says for the first time to the first person “I love you.”



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11 thoughts on “The first story of Alice Jacobs.

  1. Wow! erin this is a really good story and very heartwarming i hope you keep making stories like this one it really brings your attention! =]
    Nice job!

  2. I liked it
    it was really long though
    I can tell it took you a while to do
    keep up the hard work

  3. Oh my gosh this was so good i just could not stop reading it. (: What made you right a story like this? Are you going to right more?

  4. Good job with your store. I cant belive someone in the world can do something like that. You should keep writing like that. i like to read more what happen her and the one boy 😀


  6. This was so sad! I feel really bad for Alice, and yet somewhat happy that she has Drew. But Tom… Well, anyway, you did really good on this.

  7. Hey girl!!! I love this story it is one of the best ones I have read so far…I hope you will write more and more of this story because I really do love hearing about them<3(:!!!…Kepp it up!!

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